You’re sorry?!

Models please take note: 

I recently photographed for a great cosmetics line.

They are vegan, all natural, mineral make-up! The company is only getting bigger each quarter and I was proud to be a part of the growth. The instructions were simple: Clean looks, fresh looks, every day girls. Easy enough, right? Not exactly… 

(The model featured in this photo is not the one discussed)


Models when you arrive on set, please understand that you were selected from many candidates. You either had the right look, attitude, or both and it is YOU that we want to represent the line. So why come on set (and not all of them, just one) and start apologizing for not looking like the other girls, for looking too tall, for not being as seasoned as the rest. If you have the right look, we booked you.

Some models have a great connection with the photographer. It’s like a dance and works quite fluid-like. Others take more time, but if your photographer is patient with you … why fret? Speak to them and express your concerns. Know that we are all human, we’ve all been there, and we all want the project to succeed. 

I shot a very beautiful girl for the job. Her insecurities read in every image. She entered the job, ready to fail. That attitude bothers me. Walk in and remind us why we booked YOU for the job. It is all in the attitude and outlook; and that will either make you or break you.

I spent over 50% of my time with her, trying to undo the damage done by her own insecurities. What a waste of time! Luckily we did capture a few beautiful images of her but that was in the last couple of minutes only. As our model walked off set, she looked at me and said “I’m sorry I wasn’t good enough”. 

Guess what? She tainted every photograph with that comment. She lessened her chance of ever getting hired again. Her agent found out about it. She worried the client and everyone on set. You’re sorry!?!?!!? Once again models, if you are on set you are perfect for the job. You beat out a lot of people for a number of reasons. Be confident. It will show! Be strong and be polite. If you have an insecurity that day, pull the photographer aside and connect with them on a human-level. 

There is no shame in asking for help. Most photographers will take a couple extra minutes and help you. They want you to do well. It’s better than walking off set and muttering, “I’m sorry I wasn’t good enough”.

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2 thoughts on “You’re sorry?!

  1. Genise says:

    Hi Walid,

    I was one of the model’s from this shoot. I just got a CD of the prints and saw the website I think they’re absolutely beautiful (I’m going to assume you weren’t talking about me : )). I’d love to test with you soon.


  2. walidazami says:

    Hey! No it’s not about you at all but now as the models come to check out my site…I’m afraid it will narrow down. I don’t want to hurt her feelings, but more help others do their best. Thanks for the compliments. Your agent wants me to do lots of shoots for them, so we’ll organize a day to do a test for you also. How is everything else?

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