Alien Bee’s Ring Flash Review

Ok this is for those that love photography, and even at that, love it enough to purchase a ring flash…which in most cases mean you must love photo so much that you already bought a standard light kid. Ring flashes are a luxury item and most photographers buy the kit first. Ok enough of my run-on sentence and on to the Alien Bee’s Ring Flash.

I love it! I love that it’s light-weight, I love that it is affordable, and I love that it’s quite powerful for what most photographers will need. I just used it for a photo shoot and got my 2 looks that I needed … something soft and shadowless, and something harsh and hot! The flash gave me both! 

If you’ve purchased from Alien Bee’s, you will remember ONE big plus for that team. The customer service! How often do we find a company that has its customers bragging about how good they are. When I purchased my set, I called customer service and spoke with a lady. I gave her my ideas of my custom set and she listened. She also offered her advice and backed it up with valid information. I listened and changed my final order. I switched a couple items on my purchase and love the selections we made.

Price: It’s excellent. They give you bright colored lights, you order like you would at from a restaurant menu, and the options are easy. They have many useful resources on their website, which will help with your purchase decision. 

Now I know many photographers might wonder why I picked Alien Bee’s instead of pro photo, but I like them. The quality is high, it’s no pro photo but for day to day shooting and for smaller jobs they are perfect. When I do a magazine cover, I’ll make sure I get pro photo but until then…this is one of the best options in the market. 

So what’s wrong with the Alien Bee’s? Something, right? Yes there is one major flaw: They use cheap parts. Sure you need to use cheap parts to keep the cost low, but THAT cheap? There is an adjustment lever on the ring flash that will break if you put the slightest amount of pressure on it. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE YOU OPERATE IT. ONE WRONG MOVE AND THE LEVER WILL BREAK.

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2 thoughts on “Alien Bee’s Ring Flash Review

  1. Thanks for the details review, does it fit with all camera models, i have Nikon D80 .. can i use it with or not

  2. N76 says:

    I think it should fit. The hole in which you place your camera through is small and makes focusing difficult. But look at the price and you’ll find yourself making an exception for this product. I really also recommend Alien Bees because of the customer service. you actually hear a person’s voice that is willing to help you. rare.

    Good luck with all that shoot!

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