Alien Bees (update)

I am in Atlanta right now, had a full day of shooting for Ciara. As a side note, she’s very cool and very talented and very very very easy to work with. That’s all I can say, I signed a contract! But we decided to take pictures for Ciara and a few minutes before the shoot the Alien Bees ring flash I bragged about a couple weeks back was no longer the hero of my collection. The ring, the silver 1 oz. cheap plastic ring fell out. When that falls out, the round filter falls out too. I put them back in, but they would not fit in snug and again after a few shots the ring flash popped out the 2 parts. Now if this happened in front of Ciara, it’s embarrassing. 

Luckily my amazing assistant, Tia suggested scotch tape (it’s the answer to so much) and that’s what we did. We held the ring light together with scotch tape!!! Ghetto? Yes. Tacky? Yes. Necessary? Yes, and that’s the part which bothers me. 

Monday I will call Alien Bees, and their amazing customer service department (not sarcasm). I wonder what they will say. Lets hope something positive comes out of this. If you still wonder if it’s a good buy…I have to say…if you are OK with scotch tape, then yes or crazy glue then yes. Otherwise wait and save more for a prophoto.

UPDATE from this post:

Ok it’s Monday. I am back from Atlanta, and just got off the phone with Alien Bees. I spoke to someone in customer service and before I could finish my sentence, he said “Just send it back for a full refund”. DAMN IT! I wanted to hate them and now I can’t!!! You gotta respect a company with that policy. Thanks Alien Bees. So again…do I suggest buying Alien Bees? Sure, why not. I say that because the next ring flash up is nearly $700 more and it this is a great way to learn, get test shoots, etc… even if you need to bring scotch tape with you. When you get to the BIG TIME shoots, rent a different brand if you feel better.

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