Something free for Bands and Artists

It’s that time of the year, where we hear the bells of the salvation army outside the post office and annoying high school girls who think it’s cute to go to school with santa hats and snowman pajama bottoms. Seriously, you need to look at the fools and just shake your head, because somewhere inside that young mind she thinks she’s cute. I know, that makes me an ass for even mentioning it. That’s why I am offering something for free, to make up for my comments.

If you are in a band, a soloist, if you play an instrument or just sing at funerals and need a free photoshoot then keep reading. 2008 was a great year, I had the chance to work with GREAT people that I deeply admire. (Pictured below: CIARA)



I had opportunities that came my way, which I thought were years away. I get it, I worked my ass off and I am lucky too. That does not come free and it’s time to give to the arts community.

So….. do you need press and promo shots for your band? Are you signed? unsigned? Are you good or just fill up small shows because 2 members are cute, even though you have no talent? It does not matter. I am offering a free photo shoot for any musical act. All you have to do is apply on or and hit up the contact page. On that page, there is a form you fill out. Use the form to beg, plead, and bribe me. The band/artist that convinces me that they could really benefit from this gets the free photo shoot. It includes a make up artist, hair, photography, and retouched images. It is all you need to rightfully gain your place on the Billboard charts. 

So the rules? Not much. Just tell me why you deserve it and I’ll see if you do. Do you have to be local? Sadly, it is in your favor because travel is on your own bill. Everything else is on me. 

Other rules? YES! If your lyrics are hateful, encourage prejudice and put others down, you are disqualified. Hate is not creative or intelligent, so no rewarding that behavior! That’s about it. Don’t offend people because of the bad hand they got in life. Offend people for the idiotic and hateful decisions they make in life! There is a difference! 

So again, go to my website and click on the contact page. Fill the form out and tell me why your band deserves this. Know of someone who needs this? Pass the page along to your friends.

And…the contest ends December 15, 2008.

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