Have a shoe, or two!

I cannot stop watching the President Bush incident! I don’t know how I feel about it. I mean on one hand, having a shoe thrown at you is very disrespectful and no man/woman deserves that treatment; especially when you are representing the most powerful empire in the world (and yes, lets call it what it is. We are not a country, we are an empire desperate to grow). It’s humiliating, it’s degrading, it’s taking a man in front of the world and reducing him to a ducking coward; it’s inappropriate for any head of state to have to face a flying shoe (and in the middle eastern culture, it’s VERY degrading…it’s like having someone spit on your face in public).

I felt so bad for him and what a terrible way to mark the last days of your tragic presidency. Maybe I feel extra-bad for him because I see him walking around with his head down and without pride. I used to walk around the Main Place Mall like that (it’s an OC thing) because I was so over my job. Really, I was so over selling over priced jeans to busloads of tourists. I didn’t care and once I gave my notice, that’s all I did to save myself. I counted the days until the worst job in the world came to a close. I  had a count down to keep from going crazy. I see that look on his face. He’s so over it, that I wonder if he even does any work. That makes me feel bad for him, because there aren’t enough days left to undo his reputation. He will forever be marked as the worst president in the history of this remarkable nation. It’s unthinkable really and then there is another part of me that remembers:

  • “The disarmament of Iraq has begun” but Iraq never had WMD.
  • “Either you are with us or with them.” so, if we opposed war, then he called us terrorists.
  • Thousands and thousands of innocent lives lost in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • I remember the worst 8 years of my life and this nation’s history.
  • I remember how far back Bush took us on environmental laws
  • I remember the patriot act he enacted and pushed for
  • I remember the ban put on the media to not cover returning coffins from war, to hide the truth about the war.
  • I remember how we picked on country after country, well not so much we, as I mean to say HE.
  • I remember how he’s not a big supporter of human rights
  • I remember Katrina and the response
  • I remember how beautiful of a nation we once were, about 8 years ago actually.

And then I think again, if he deserved this. If he deserved the disgraceful exit for his historic presidency. I wonder if even a man who started wars for no reason (Iraq) deserved this. I wonder if the man who undid 25 years of environmental protection laws in his 8 years deserves this. I wonder if he deserves this because so many innocent Iraqi lives were lost to his lies? Is that reason to deserve this? It’s all so very confusing. I need to think about this, but I know one thing: what a humiliating way to exit your rule. I guess it can’t be as bad as crowds chanting, “You’re outta here! You’re outta here” outside the white house the night of the Obama election victory. Or is it? This is a tough one.

I wonder what happens to the shoe thrower. Something tells me, he’s not going to live to see another day. 

ps… I will give him credit for 2 things. I give him credit for ducking shoes #1 and #2. I don’t know how many would be able to do that. There I feel better now, knowing I said something nice. 

pps…I thought about it. He did not deserve this, even though he is a complete and utter embarrassment to the beautiful nation called America. He is still our president (thank God not for too long) and he should have had more respect from the crowd. He did not deserve this just like the countless Iraqi civilians and American soldiers did not deserve to die for NO FUCKING REASON AT ALL!

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