About the more important parts of life, a new blog to review

I hope everyone had a great holiday and continue that happy streak past the new year. While most of my blogs will consist of photography-related posts, I will also take time to show you great things. And speaking of great things, I wanted to introduce you to my friend Mary’s blog.

You see Mary has one of those magical personalities, where she seeks to exceed herself, outdo her goals. She has a beautiful family that challenges her every single day of her life and she’s a little bucket of new ideas all the time. Anyhow Mary opened a great blog where she gossips about every day life, she complains, vents, and plots on here. She opens up and let me tell you, opening up to strangers is not as easy as it seems. You leave yourself open for a lot of criticism (like I did with that little shit who told me that I am a sell out because my clients are celebrities!) but leaving yourself open for critique is the sign of a great person, a natural leader.

Anyways give her blog a chance. She’s quite the good conversational writer. She’s at a building phase of her blog and I respect her a lot for keeping on! Give her blog a chance, read it, keep reading it, and grow with her on her blog. She’s building new things on the site daily and soon it will be a huge site. New banners, polls, videos, commentary, etc…

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