PROP 8, PROP H8TE? (just an update)

El Coyote ProtestWhen Obama won, I was blown away with excitement. WOW! America moved past ignorance and hate and we elected a man who is black, who was supposed to be a socialist, a Muslim (as if that’s a bad word now), or even the anti-christ. I still walk around with with an Obama-glow. I spoke for him, I voted for him, and I donated to his campaign. Then later that night we find out that Californian’s voted YES ON 8. What?! Really? 

I know it’s been several weeks since the election but it’s almost inauguration time and I got to thinking about the election again. I cannot believe how ignorant we can be. What difference does it make if 2 men or 2 women marry? Does it break your marriage? If it does, you have other issues you need to work on NOW. Does it teach your children how to be gay? If you say yes, you have some education to catch up on NOW. Does it make you a bad Christian? Run to church and learn what God really wants you to do NOW.

Through this election I know of so many that lost friends and family based on this. I did. I ask myself, “Do I want people in my life that think it’s OK to cut human rights from someone?” and after explaining it to them, they further show aggression towards NO ON 8’rs?

I already stopped flying on Jet Blue and cancelled my account with them, because they donated to YES ON 8. Will it make a difference? Probably not. Will I walk a little prouder and know I did not support a company that supports inhumane treatment of others? FUCK YES. This one hurts, but I no longer go to El Pollo Loco because they too donated to YES ON 8. Ebay? At least there is Craigslist, so that’s not too much of a loss. If someone says Del Taco donated to YES ON 8, I don’t know what I’d do. The thought of it brings chill. 

By the way, I think it’s a bit funny that websites advertise who donated to YES ON 8. I think it’s funny because the YES ON 8 campaign threatened to identify businesses that wanted to support human rights and vote no on h8te. 

At a recent holiday party, I ran into the director of a movie called, “Saving Marriage”. He reminded me that when Prop 22 came out, it was supported by a landslip of about 23% points. Californians overwhelmingly wanted to reserve marriage between a man and a woman. In 2008, Prop 8 won by 2-3% and California whispered they wanted marriage only for a man and a woman. When you think of it that way, we only need to educated 3% of the population. Then you consider that the old ones die off and new ones with brighter minds are qualified to vote. He said it’s about waiting and the next election this should not even be an issue. It will be an embarrassing mark on our history but a chance to correct it like civil rights for Blacks in America.  I know one day a group of friends will gather at a coffeeshop or over dinner and say, “Can you believe we actually put human rights up for a vote?”. Yes my friends, one day the others will realize you cannot vote on the human rights of minorities.

They say time is a healer, so lets see what it does. I’m serious about the Del Taco part though. If they support PROP 8, I will go bat-shit crazy on Del Taco withdrawals.

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