Support your local mom & pop photography store

Everyone should have theirs, I have mine. It’s Fullerton used cameras and I go there for most of my gear, rentals, etc… I cannot stress enough the importance of supporting your local small guys vs. the giant stores that can squash competition and drive prices higher. 

If you live in OC, I highly recommend Fullerton Used Cameras on Harbor Blvd. for buying your new camera, your used camera, rentals, prints, etc… I’ve supported them for a while now and the perks are many. Sure my camera cost about $50 more instead of buying at Best Buy, but you get personalized service. I stopped in one time and in a bind had to rent a lens. They know my face, I was out of there in 3 minutes. I’ve stopped in before to get my flash checked and they throw in a free pack of batteries for checking my flash for free. I’ve stopped in and asked question after question and not purchased anything, they still welcome me each time because down the line I will be a loyal customer. You cannot get that service from the big guys.

If you have a local store in your hood, stop by and introduce yourself. Tell them what you want to do and see how they could help you. Stop by before a project and ask them for advice on the best rentals. The more you visit, the better the relationship. Everything is about good relationships. Believe me, once they trust you … the benefits are worth it. You get favors and favoritism. Now who dislikes a little favoritism?!

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