Followed my instincts

Turned a job down today. It was against my personal beliefs. The job paid A CRAP LOAD of money. After preaching to you about following your instincts, I need to follow my own advice. Because of its political nature, I will censor myself and not say what the job was for, so I do not offend anyone. However, when I got the email tonight I had only a second of “Cool!” and then BAMMMMM! My instincts kicked in and spoke to me. I listened. I respectfully turned the client down.

I feel good about not making money from that cause, I feel good about not helping them spread their agenda, I feel bad because I turned a big job down. In the end, I would like to look at myself in the mirror and right now I can.

Karma Police

Karma better pay me back for this shit! If I have to pay karma here and there, I am collecting for this one!!!

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2 thoughts on “Followed my instincts

  1. Kappii says:

    Yes sometimes your instincts know better !
    And you know what ? There’s always gonna be other opportunities around another corner.

  2. Walid says:

    Thanks. Yes there will be.

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