Every moment is a great picture

Aj AlekzanderOne of the first blogs I wrote was about maximizing every moment. To date, the master of this is Usher who seriously does not waste a second when it comes to maximizing camera time. He’s a pro! When I work with models, it’s one of the first things that I tell them. 

When you take your jacket off, make it look sexy and work it for the camera. When you change your shirt, look at the camera and work it with the shoot. Take your shirt off, put it on, take it off, put it on, button it, unbutton it, button it and look at the lens, unbutton it and look away, button it and look down with a smile, unbutton it and look at the camera with a new expression. You get it. Maximize each moment! 

I recently shot with a great up and coming talent. His name is AJ alexander and here is an image of him that perfectly illustrates what I mean. He took his jacket off, worked it slowly and kept the camera on his radar the entire time. What came of it was a great image, very natural look, expression, and tells a story.

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One thought on “Every moment is a great picture

  1. […] blog, photography help, posing advice, posing for the camera, posing help The picture of the model AJ below shows that any moment can be a great picture. I always tell models that any moment can make […]

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