The Importance of Video in business

As of late many businesses understand the importance of online video content. Advertising on TV and magazines do not fair well, or what they used to. With online content every business gets a voice, a voice that speaks FOR them at all hours and around the world. The DVR took a huge bite out of TV audience numbers. I cannot remember the last commercial I saw. If anything, it’s the first 2 seconds of the initial commercial after my show or the last 10 seconds of the last commercial that I see. If anything, those are the prime real estate spots if you continue with TV advertising.

However, a recent article in Entrepreneur Magazine says the following:

Folks, it’s not just YouTube anymore: Growing businesses MUST use video…”you unlock markets you never had access to”. Online video must deliver instant gratification to the user, allowing them to get it when and where they want.”

The videos we’ve done recently are a reflection of that. From Usher’s opening of his website to Ciara putting out rumors about her latest album project, we are fortunate to have clients who understand the importance of viral video. Along with them, we’ve worked with companies like Herbalife who push aggressively and progressively for web content. They get it! They are also getting the results!

For Usher we used a movie-trailer approach to advertise his upcoming webisodes to his fans. It was an incredible way to for fans to have unlimited access straight from the source.

With Ciara, she battled rumors about the release date of her album. People spoke for her and Ciara herself decided it was time to set the record straight, her way! This is a sample of her message here.

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