Do it yourself Reflector

Seriously, for a big job we rent photography equipment out. It’s easier that way. For smaller shoots, personal projects I use my own equipment and rarely rent out. The other day I needed to get a larger reflector, maybe something the size of a beach towel or even bigger. I went to a few stores, checked some online stores and found what I needed around $150 on the cheap end to the mid $300 range. OK not so bad compared to some camera equipment but terrible for those of you starting out in photography and personal projects.

Here is what I did instead. Camping blanketI went to Wal-Mart (Get off my back about this. I would go to Target but they have this ridiculous return policy that allows you 2 exchanges under $35 a year with no receipt). At Wal-Mart they have emergency blankets for those on the verge of dying on a mountain top. They look like thin aluminum foil. The one I purchased was $1.96 and was about 7×4 feet.

That’s not bad! I then walked over to Home Depot and bought a thin board. That came out to $3.88, and I bought two cans of paint. One was a primer that came in white and then I bought a high gloss white spray. Now my board has two sides. One side is a large silver reflector. I glued the emergency blanket to the board and the other side is a nice shiny white. It works well!

The total project cost me about $12.00. That’s not bad. The only down side is that it’s not as portable as the $350 model. But it fits in the back seat of my car.

Just buy a tri-fold foam display board at your favorite office supply store. It’s less than $10, you don’t have to spray paint anything and no splinters… I used it. Works pretty damn amazing.Foam board

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