Product Review: Lexmark X 7675

Last night, in a mad rush I went set out to buy a photo printer. I did not have one yet. I know, somehow I fell behind most people and technology. I was one of those 1 laser printer, 1 fax machine, 1 scanner type of people. Like my dad who hates depositing a check at the ATM he needs to know the transaction will carry out successfully. And much like my father, I thought it was best that my scanner did what it was supposed to do. My fax was to only fax and my printer did fine only printing. I’m still keeping all my other stuff (minus the fax which is already in some landfill). 

I ran out last night trying to beat a work deadline. My client is in DC at the moment and I need to rush this out before the Saturday post office deadline. Going through many stores, I finally found the perfect machine. Let me tell you about this little guy:

Lexmark x7675 Printer, Scanner, Copier, FaxI bought the Lexmark x7675. It cost about $200, not too bad. It is a 4-in-1 type of machine. This is a big step for me. It faxes, it scans, it copies, and it prints! It does not just print but it prints really good pictures. Here are the reasons why I went with Lexmark.

1. The look: so what! I am in an image based business, I want my machines to have a good image. This one does. Clean lines, not bulky and tacky but not tiny and weak-looking. 

2. Lexmark lowered their prices on ink. A few years ago I purchased a lexmark printer. Cheap, I thought! That was until I set out to buy replacement cartridges. Rape.

3. Lexmark built XL sized cartridges. For a little more money, you get a lot more printing. They say an XL cartridge will print around 450 pages. We all know that means 350, but what ever. 

4. The Lexmark cartridge you get WITH the printer is not trial sized like other brands. Right off the bat, you save money because you will not need a replacement 15 sheets later.

5. It’s wireless. I swear to God, I did not believe it until I saw it. Then I realized nearly every machine was wireless and I felt dumb, but still….it’s wireless and VERY convenient.

6. The menu steps are easy. It’s not a hard machine to figure out and I am the king of not reading manuals. 

It also has the card slots, good resolution for print and scan, it prints very fast, and is oddly quiet. Currently I am printing out 49 pages (all proof sheets) and I barely hear it when its running. Judging from how the other brands were, I think the Lexmark was the best for the money and I would recommend it.


I reviewed my new printer too quick. The print is quiet and the wireless is great. It uses ink too fast, the ink is not that expensive, and the XL cartridges they told me about hardly does 20 prints in color. Remember they said something about 450 pages total. Even if my images had a lot of color, 20 to 450 is not a good turn out. I am quite frustrated with it. Monday I will take the Lexmark back to the store for a return. I do not recommend the Lexmark. The reason why I bought it was the XL ink, and the fact that they promised so many pages. All proved wrong. The quality of the print is satisfactory also. Sorry Lexmark, you failed on this one and your training of employees at various stores are bad. They give out the wrong information and your products cannot support the claims.

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4 thoughts on “Product Review: Lexmark X 7675

  1. oinkinkstore says:

    I still think $56 for a black and color is expensive. I like Canon much better than Lexmark. More economical on the ink, better output quality. I think the Canon MX850 is a good comparision. The only thing the Lexmark has over the Canon is wireless printing. But the Canon has duplexing, bluetooth, a dedicated black for graphics, and a smaller droplet size.

    The wireless is a nice feature to have though ( I have a HP OfficeJet Pro L7780 that has wireless, I can now print from the bathroom).

  2. N76 says:

    Actually you are right about the Lexmark. The review I wrote was too early. I printed out some contact/proof sheets. After 40 sheets, I ended up using TWO cartridges. It was unbelievable and the wireless is amazing, but really it’s not that hard to walk over and take my laptop to the other room where the printer is. This printer is going back tomorrow.

  3. hadleyfarm says:

    I’ve been trying to identify a suitable multifunction printer to use with a new iMAC (OS 10.56) – I have a Canon PIXMA MP830 but have learned that Canon does not make a driver for MACs that would allow me to FAX from the iMAC.

    I initially identified the Lexmark 7675 Pro and the HPjet J6480 or C8180 until I ran across you blog review of the Lexmark. What did you replace the Lexmark with?

  4. N76 says:

    Well Lexmark does work well with the MAC.
    I did not replace my printer because I messed up and missed the
    10 day return policy. So I am stuck with it, maybe as my karma
    for the negative review. I wish I could recommend something else
    but I stopped looking after this junk forced itself into my life for a
    while. But I will recommend one thing for sure if you can afford it.
    GO WIRELESS IF YOU CAN! It’s so worth it!

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