Apparently a picture I took of an artist was published in an LA Magazine called, IN LOS ANGELES MAGAZINE. It’s cool. She’s an awesome girl with a bright future. I met her when she was with Epic Records but since branching out to do her own music as a solo artist. Here is the image. 

In Los Angeles MagazineThis is a little bit about Fan and her antics. She was banned by Disney. Come on!!! You have to respect that, right?

Fannius, formerly fan_3, earned her first platinum record at age 15, one year and a few tattoos and piercings later, ‘fannius’ was signed to Geffen Records. Although her tracks were used in a number of film and TV projects, the label never did figure out how to market the white, female, teenage rapper they had signed, and after 2 years, she was dropped. 

Not losing a beat, Fannius formed the female trio ShutupStella and they were promptly signed to Epic Records. Again, industry domos who loved the music couldn’t figure out a way to package it for the masses. So, by her twentieth birthday, Fan had been with two major labels and made two albums that never saw the light of day. 

But it’s always been about the music and Fannius keeps making more. Working with a coterie of top producers and co-writers with whom she’s developed ties over the years, the new stuff is coming fast and furious. Typically for Fan, its fresh, smart, different and accessible. “Girlfriend”, “Hi 5” and her caustically hilarious take on the biz, “Major Label Blues” are just a few of the new ones that it would behoove you to check out. 

Her latest project/single (finally out of a major label deal and in control of her career) is a song called “Girlfriend (I Can).” One might say the video, shot, edited, and directed by amazingly talented film maker Kaylyn Thornal at The Dinah Shore weekend 2008, is a surprisingly fresh take on summer love. The video is available now on and the song is available for download on itunes. Get ready, it’s sure to be you’re favorite summer jam of all time! 


Fannius will be performing and recording through the year, a wily veteran at age twenty, still aiming to bring it to the people. 

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