Darcy Turrene shoot

Darcy in RollingStone MagazineRight after the cosmetics shoot, I did a quick photoshoot for my friend Darcy Turrene who I am proud to say is the number 1 female mountain biker in the world. The bad news? She’s Canadian. I kid, I joke. Those Canadians get free health care and for people like Darcy, that is essential. 

She’s biked around the best slopes, hills, and mountains of the world. Darcy is sponsored by Norco Factory Team, Oakley, and Dakine amongst others. She’s designed her own bike and has some of the most amazing pictures in the world. When I met her last year, she had just been featured in Rolling Stone Magazine (with the Jonas Bros. on the cover, her guilty pleasure). Darcy's RollingStone Issue, with her favorite BOYS.

I listened to her career accomplishments. She’s one of those people that you have to force something out of, never talking about all she’s done. It’s funny, when she talks about nonsense, she talks non-stop. When it’s time to speak about her career goals and accomplishments, she’s a mute! However, I did manage to hear about her great achievements and then I viewed her website. I told her that I wanted to photograph her and get some fun images, of a natural Darcy, just having fun. 

She came back to LA/OC from Canada around the time of my last shoot. We woke up one morning in an ungodly hour and made our way through Carbon Canyon in Brea, CA. Darcy looked beautiful with the early morning rays and just laying on the grass. I will post the pictures soon, but I wanted to talk about how great she was. In the mean time, you can get familiar with Darcy’s work by checking out her sponsors. The pictures we shot will soon appear in her website, a magazine, or one of her sponsor’s pages. She was fun to shoot, mainly because we completely understand each other…thus making the name calling she endured during the shoot, completely A-OK! She was OK with fire crackers coming at her, before bed. She was OK with a fake snake scare. She was OK with a few of my childish antics and that makes Darcy A-OKAY in my book! 

You can visit Darcy’s web page by clicking HERE.

ps…. When you do visit her web page let it be known that I did not shoot the picture of her holding a banana. Though I wish I had.



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