RichGirl, Rich with talent (Sony Records)

RichGirl, Sony/Richcraft Music (Photo by Walid Azami)
RichGirl, Sony/Richcraft Music (Photo by Walid Azami)RichGirl, Sony/Richcraft Music (Photo by Walid Azami)
RichGirl, Sony/Richcraft Music (Photo by Walid Azami)
RichGirl, Sony/Richcraft Music (Photo by Walid Azami)

RichGirl, Sony/Richcraft Music (Photo by Walid Azami)

When the music scene tastes stale, we look forward to new talent and right about now you get your first taste of talent!In late 2008, I flew to Altanta and filmed what I discovered to be a promising group ready to take over the charts. They are called RichGirl and have a hot new jam called “24 Hour” produced by Rich Harrison known for super hits like Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love” and “Soldier” by Destiny’s Child.Rich Harrison, known for his hit records “Crazy in Love” (Beyonce), “Soldier“(Destiny Child), “One Thing” (Amerie), & many more is here to introduce the world to a new vision.

Rich Harrison’s label, Richcraft Records, and Jive Records, present a new era with the new four-member girl group: Richgirl. In this case the word “Rich” does not refer to material items, but rather a certain attitude and confidence, combined with individuality and talent that any girl might possess.

Richgirl consists of four multi-talented young women, who reign from different parts of the country. All have different backgrounds and experiences, but each has a common thread that brings them together: the same passion and love for creativity, expression, music and entertainment. The members of RichGirl are as follows:

AUDRA Hailing from San Diego, California, Audra has a sexiness that captivates the eyes of her fans coupled with quirkiness and unexpected wit. Aside from her sassy persona, her rich, syrupy vocals give the group its soothing element, which seals the all-star package.

BRAVE This Baltimore native brings an edge to the group. She possesses sex appeal, uniquely combined with insightfulness, which is heard through her powerful voice, thoughtful spoken-word and street tinged raps.

LYNDRIETTE The Southern Belle of the group, she was raised in North Carolina. She possesses exhilarating vocals that make her a singing powerhouse. She has a playful spirit and warmth that comes from her small town upbringing. At the same time she has a focus and hunger that will take her and Richgirl around the world.

SEVEN Raised in Haines City, Florida, Seven will automatically be known for her dynamic vocals which she acquired from growing up singing in the church. She is the all-American girl, who happens to have a voice that can not be ignored.  (Group website)

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