Pina Zangaro Portfolios (VISTA) Review




I know we are in a digital age, instant access at your finger tips and for photographers this is an exciting era. With a few clicks my images can be seen anywhere in the world on your computer screen or blackberry. It’s amazing, it’s exciting, but it’s not like holding the real thing in your hand. 

Computers will never be the same as the hand-crafted book that holds the images seen in our mind first, then through the eye. There is something special about a book, something about 11×14 in size and with pages that you can flip. It is not flash, but it’s flashy that is exactly what my new portfolio is. 

I was going to my friend Brian’s house to watch the Premier episode of his show, and decided to stop at DickBlick on Beverly. Ridiculous name, right? Right! Anyhow I went up and down the shelves until something sleek, sexy, and modern was good enough to present my work. After all, it IS my image so I have to have it perfect. 

The store had many options but the neatly packaged, nicely designed, and newly styled acrylic portfolio is what I picked. I picked the Vista, it’s beautiful and white. Unlike it’s aluminum counter-part which is also beautiful … the white version has something about it that was an instant winner. 

The people at the store were very helpful and told me about the options of each portfolio, the ups and downs of it. My little Vista came out on top and I bought it! I wish I had purchased 2 of them, because I am like that. I need 2, just incase coffee spills on it. I don’t drink coffee, but just in case. I am the same guy that If I win the lotto I’d place the ticket inside a ziplock baggy to protect it from water damage. Then I’d put a brick on the plastic bag, incase the house floods in the middle of the night and my ticket will stay in place. Back to the portfolio…it was beautiful. I wish I purchased another color as a backup portfolio. I like to have one with me, while one makes the rounds to clients for work. 

When I got home from my friend’s house, I put my first magazine publication in there! New things excite me! Putting the pages in  was easy, almost too easy. The portfolio comes in a handy little bag, packaged beautifully, and with 10 sheets (20 sides). It also comes with extra long screws should you need more pages in your book. I picked the white one!

Bottom line: I love it, I recommend it, it’s nice to look at. Buy a Pinazangaro Portfolio.

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