Congrats RichGirl!

I left my retoucher’s house today and got ready for the Orange Crush area. If you are not familiar with Orange County, this is where you feel like every engineer who worked on the freeway system should have their licenses revoked. It’s OC’s version of LAX/405/105 mess. Anyways, the traffic mess prompted me to blast the radio in hopes of letting some stress go. I turned the dial to Power 106, does the trick lately, and I hear it. I hear the beginnings of “24”. I knew the song sounded familiar, but it took a second to figure out the association. It was RichGirl!!! Finally!!!! As I said in another post, I met these girls in Atlanta last year and they are such hard workers. They work day and night, they workout, they sing, they dance, they provide a sisterhood for each other, and they are T-A-L-E-N-T-E-D!!!

So hearing their music was amazing. I was proud of them because let me tell you, it has been a struggle for them! Power played it on their “New at 2” segment. It made me think back of all the video footage we shot and the photo shoot at their house. Here are some clips. Give them a shot. You will hear from them for a long time to come, so you might as well just embrace them and be OK with all. As for me, I am just proud of them for being on the radio finally and starting their long career.

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2 thoughts on “Congrats RichGirl!

  1. Manada says:

    i think thats beautiful that you’ve posted a blog about them out of happiness for their careers. they play there song here allll the time in Ohio, even to the point where you might hear it 3 times in 45 mins…seriously!
    i think there beautiful 2, just looked at there myspace pages. It must of been fun working with them.

  2. N76 says:

    Thank you. They are beautiful and I am very proud of them.

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