ViewSonic Widescreen LCD Monitor

ViewSonic Monitor

ViewSonic Monitor

I will keep this short and to the point. Thank you ViewSonic for the craptastic monitor that I purchased. You did me really good when you sold me 2 of them at the end of last year. They were HD, 22″, and came with decent remarks. My gut feeling was to go with the Samsung (who apparently make the same monitors for APPLE but sell them way cheaper), but the extra $50 per monitor made me choose the cheap route.

I took my friend Maya with me. She’s a finicky shopper, an Apple Computer addict, and I needed her advice in picking the best monitor. From the store, we thought ViewSonic was the best. It was the cheapest with the best color quality. The Fry’s electronics sales guy swore ViewSonic was a great brand. I take full responsibility because I cannot recall the last time a Fry’s Electronics sales person was honest about their products.

Anyhow, I used one monitor for a couple of months and it was hooked up to my Macbook Pro. It worked great, but I did notice a bit of flickering after the first couple of weeks. Then I bought my new Mac Pro Tower. And I hooked up monitor #2, the exact same model as monitor #1. Then I saw the true quality of the ViewSonic. One is far brighter than the other. I resorted to putting one monitor at 80% and one monitor at 100% to get them to match. I calibrated both monitors over and over and over….and over until exhaustion. One still flickers, the other does not. One is bright, the other is not. One shows snow if it’s tapped, one does not.

Bottom Line: ViewSonic made a terrible product, and I made a terrible choice by purchasing 2 of them. Next time, I will do Samsung.

UPDATE: Dear ViewSonic, I know that I wrote a terrible review on the monitors you made. Today I feel bad about this. I feel that I should have taken harder swings at you, as I am about to just throw away my useless brand new monitors and just buy the Samsung or overpriced Apple ones. Thanks for wasting my money and time. I understand this might come across as dramatic but your monitors that you sold truly, and in every single way possible suck. I feel that letting my readers know about your products is a civil duty that I am happy to perform.

UPDATE 2.0: The monitors are getting worse.  Now one shows snow and one shows the desktop, unless you turn it on and off. Once you turn it on and off a few times, it will come back to normal (and by NORMAL I mean its half-way satisfactory image). Sigh…

UPDATE 3.0: I need to just buy another monitor instead of complaining about these monitors that I have. The sick part of me wants to see how bad they can get before they launch into my dumpster. I even thought about donating them to a school, but that would mean that I hate children because they are THAT bad! Anyways, I am hoping to get something next month but from the looks of it I am having fun seeing how bad of a product ViewSonic can make. So far, they are exceeding my expectations! Now one of them is considerably lower in brightness. See I had to put the brighter of the 2 monitors at 80%, so that it would be the same levels as the lesser capable of the set. So one was at 100% brightness and one was at 80% brightness. Now the brighter monitor, looks like a candle lit dinner. I hold my friend Maya partially responsible for this debacle.

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3 thoughts on “ViewSonic Widescreen LCD Monitor

  1. mayaixel says:

    As a witness to this shopping mishap. I must take some responsibility. The moral of this story is there are some things you can’t go cheap on, or at least $50 dollars cheap.

    However, in our defense, we did look at all monitors, even the most expensive and dirt cheap, and yes, there were cheaper models. Sadly, the not-so-helpful Fry’s employee managed to manipulate our adoration for Apple products, by insinuating that we somehow were chumps for paying such high prices for Apple monitors and by relation, Samsung products. Whatever.

    I feel under the circumstances, we made the best decision under direst. Owell. Live and learn. Never buy Viewsonic!!!

  2. a says:

    i came across this when my own viewsonic monitor had the same problem. While preparing to bring it back for Warranty I tested on another computer with a different cable. Amazingly it didn’t have any problems. So I just dumped the previous DVI cable and kept using the analogue one.

    Try that.

  3. b says:

    Our company has purchased about 70 viewsonic monitors over the past year and about 30-40% of them had a few dead pixels right out of the box. Several of them don’t detect digital connections properly and are forced to use analog cables, and all of them with speakers on them have a loud hissing noise when certain bright colors are on the screen, it is some sort of interference with the internal components of the LCD and speakers I am thinking.

    Overall all of these viewsonic monitors are probably the worst investment the company has ever made. What ever you do, stay AWAY from viewsonic monitors at all costs. Go with Samsung or Benq monitors.

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