The Power of Peers

A while back, I wrote about helping people out just because they are a humans and in the process, you might help yourself (but that’s not the main reason). I try to practice that bit of preaching but I did not think anyone else subscribed to that theory. Then I ran across a blog which I found very useful for pros and amateurs alike. The blog belongs to Melissa Rodwell, a talent photographer based out of LA, and a talented blogger. Many photographers (like me) offer blogs, but she takes it several steps further with instructional videos, seminars, and articles for people of all levels.

Recently she shared some words of advice with me from one peer to another, which I appreciate. It’s great to see people paying it forward, people sharing information because they love what they do, and they appreciate what they do for work! If you are looking for great advice on photography, self-promotion, lighting, portfolio building, how to pick a crew, etc… You MUST check out Melissa’s Fashion Blog. I wanted to share that bit of good news from our industry.

By the way, I will probably have video on some of my upcoming shoots. Before anyone says anything, let me tell you that I borrowed the idea from Melissa! I loved how she did them, love how educational they are and wish to give an insight to my own shoots.

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One thought on “The Power of Peers

  1. Tom says:

    love Melissa’s blog…. in fact, i discovered your blog from her’s……

    I’m starting to read your blog from Oct 08 and working my way forward!


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