Model Advice: WHO ARE YOU?

I had a conversation with an aspiring model the other night. He wanted to know how he fit into the modeling industry and where he could prosper the most. He is a non-white minority, a good looking guy, and has a lot of ambition. I mention “Non-white” because it still seems that the better jobs go the anglo-models. Is it fair? Well, who am I to say if it’s fair or not. I actually think the consumer is more at fault than the industry. If we do not demand diversity, then we will not get diversity. Seems easy enough, right?

Okay getting back to the issue at hand, I want to discuss a very basic way of figuring out who you are. Go to an airport, a shopping mall, or any public place and ask strangers what they think of you. I understand this may be uncomfortable for you and the stranger, so I advise giving them an envelope to seal the answers with. Have them write down 5 words that came up when they first say you. What did they think you did for work? Did you have a girlfriend or boyfriend? Did you beat your wife or help a charity? You get where I am going with this. It’s quite a fascinating public experiment and I recommend it for people that are not approaching modeling or acting also. I would, but I could not handle the truth.

Once you get this information, go home and open the envelopes. You might be surprised to see descriptions like, “jerk” or “janitor” or even “mamma’s boy”. You might be surprised to find how the world views you. Trust me, you have to be ready for this and in the right mental state to handle such truth. If you ask people in an interview format, then expect you will hear the whole truth. Let them put it in an envelope and then put that sealed envelope inside a bag/box. This lets them relax, be more truthful, and you get a better idea of how to market yourself.

I will write again about how you can maximize your results.

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One thought on “Model Advice: WHO ARE YOU?

  1. mitja says:

    That’s an interesting experiment! I don’t like modelling (prefer to be behind the camera =) but would be fun to try this regardless

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