How to Survive (Deadlines, shoots, and life)

I write this as I feel my head is about to explode. I get it, you probably think I am bitching and really could care less about my problems. I am thankful, I am always thankful for what I do but deadlines creep up on you. I am shifting back to my military schedule again, it is the only way for me to survive. Besides finding a reason to stop my work for a moment, I write this because if you are into photography and film … you too, are probably scattered brained and could use a little help.

First it’s important to mention the need for personal health, mental health and seeing your friends/family. I used to be all about 100% work, no fun, no self-care, and no life. Then I realized how fast I fell apart, how fast I got sick and made a change. I once asked a friend of mine how he does it and if he ever feels guilty for hanging out or not hanging out. His answer was an adamant NO and he explained why he did not feel that way. Everything had its time and place, he said. Well, I tried to do the same and several months later it seems to work. In fact, it is the only thing that works for me.

Now when I get up, everything is planned for me. Here is a sample schedule of my day (and I will probably regret giving this information up one day).

9:00 Wake up and drag myself around the house, denying the sunlight, denying anything good

9:30 Emails/Daily blogs

10:00 Breakfast/TV

10:30 Business calls

11:00 Burn images to discs/Package DVD/ Figure out P2 Cards

12:00 Lunch

12:30 Emails/blogs/Calls

1:00 Pick up images from the lab/ Computer is running and processing the P2 cards

2:00 snack/break

2:15 Retouching Images

4:00 Break/Recharge Batteries for Tuesday shoot

4:15 Continue Retouching Images

6:00 Break/Workout

7:00 Dinner

8:00 Invoice for ____ job

8:30 Go to Target and buy plants for the Spring/Plant them/DVR Catch up

10:00 Get on phone with retoucher and approve images (back and forth process)

12:00 Plan tomorrow’s schedule

12:15 Work on staffing the new shoot, send emails, work on budget

2:00 TV

4:00 Sleep

There you have it. That’s my exact schedule for April 20th. I will call a few pot-smokers in there and wish them a happy 4/20 day but generally that’s my schedule. Each day is different but whether I am running around doing errands or on set, my day has to be planned. The important part is that I took time to get in the work mood, I took time to workout, time to eat, time to watch TV, time to get out of the house, time to work on the house, and of course time for each project. I know that when you read the schedule, you probably thought “That sh*t wakes up at 9:00 AM?????” but I also end up working until laaaaaaaaate night. If I didn’t plan my day, I would fall behind schedule so fast. What I did not mention are iChats in there, random calls, little things that come up really quick, etc… It’s all about balance, it’s always about balance.


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