New DVD – Flower DIYvas

Just directed and produced a long-form DVD called Flower DIYvas. It’s a subject I did not know too much about, wedding flowers but it is quite educational. The idea was to give the wedding industry a high quality DVD which does not contain the typical elements of cheese-factor. So we got our inspiration from many of the cooking shows, used multi-cameras, shot on HD, and went all out.

Without its official launch, the product is already on ‘s radar and they will feature it as one of their hot items. Apparently the knot is a website every female in the world has an account on… ring or no ring on their finger. If you ask me, you’re not really engaged unless you have an account on the all-important

The DVD was shot in Anaheim, CA at the Spiraled Stem studios. The DVD features Christine Saunders who is a local florist and quickly being recognized for her ability to have “Green Weddings”. The other host is Dawn Hansen of Huntington Beach who owns Lavender Hill and they do some amazing work also.

We filmed every aspect of planning a wedding, documentary style and studio. We traveled to the LA flower district, show the actual wedding they planned for, and every other detail. The DVD should be available at many stores soon and online merchants. It is designed for the bride who wants to do her own flowers and would like to save a few bucks, but has no idea where to start and how to do it right.

Here are images of the shoot, behind the scenes images shot by Maya C.


The start of a loonnnnng day

16th hour, almost final hour

"The View" section

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