My new niece!

Day 3.

Here she is, my new niece, Zara Aliyah. Zara is after her great-grandmother and Aliyah is after her grandmother (my mom). She’s perfectly healthy but looks like a little Mongolian child. The picture below is of her older sister who is having an issue with the new sibling intrusion. Seeing her mom hold the baby caused her to fall back against the wall, her little chin trembling and tears flowing. And yes, I did take a picture of the exact moment Sophia realized life would never be the same. hahahaha… she’ll get over it some day. Until then she just waves her finger and says “no, no, no, no, no” if you come near the newborn.

The EXACT frame where Sophia realized the baby sister thing is real, and life will never be the same for her. 🙂 I'm kind of an ass for taking this picture, that I know.

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One thought on “My new niece!

  1. Really heart catching shots!!! Thanks for sharing.
    photo retouching

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