New Ad up

I can finally show the images for the cosmetics ad that I did last month. It’s the summer line for Everyday Minerals and the theme was a summer romance kind of day. We photographed the campaign in Huntington Beach, CA. The first location shut us down, because the city was being difficult and then we found another location. A backyard! Many of the plans and shot lists changed but we adapted and pretty well.

The entire crew picked up, moved the RV to the new location and we were ready to work. We selected 2 models from Photogenics in Los Angeles and 1 from Click Models, also in LA. They were professional, had great attitudes, and fun to work with.

The equipment I used this time was lots of natural light, good bounce and models with great skin. On certain shots, the one of Diana (brunette) we used a pro photo beauty dish to get that moodiness I was after. My friend Maya filmed some behind-the-scenes for us, and that should come up very soon also. In the mean time, here are the images of the shoot and some behind the scenes photography.

I cannot tell you how helpful it is to have a great crew, where everyone feels like an equal and know how important they are to the process. Anyways, check out and see the great make up they have.

It’s natural, it’s organic, it’s vegan, and it’s a great line that everyone should know about.

Tanika applying make-up in the trailer

Crew setting up the first shot

Me on the floor with Diana

Discussing the shots

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