New, Free, Cool (Google App for Blackberry)

I haven’t written in a while. I was busy, but in the middle of everything I came across a cool application from Google. I was getting tired of the app for just about everything under the sun that the iPhone carries and when they throw scraps for us blackberry users, I jump and I jump high.

Anyhow I did discover this cool little application. It does not take much room on your phone, VERY easy to use, and is one of my most used applications. You see Google did a great thing by letting us speak into the phone for the searches we need. You ask if I am that lazy? Yes I am and I am also a southern California driver, where we cannot use our phones to text or call on the road. Of course you can use your blue tooth but have you seen people who use the blue tooth? I have two fears for the bluetooth. The first being that I don’t feel it’s 100% researched and it could be dangerous for us long term and the second fear is the that I will forget it on my head and walk around the store with it. I once didn’t pick a roommate because he walked in with a blue tooth on his ear but he was not on the phone. That should illustrate how much I dislike people who walk around with that thing on.

Anyways back to the Google application: it lets you talk into it and finds your search. It also locates you by GPS and says on the bottom of the screen what city you are in. That makes the searches that much more accurate. I used it the other day when I was helping my sister move. I pushed the button (the call button) and spoke into it. “Carl’s Jr” and after a 5 second search, it found the Carl’s Jr. in our city and its links (phone/address) and of course map.

I also used it the other day for a shoot. I need to find someone that rented a camera last minute because mine took a dive at the start of the shoot. One push of a button, click one link, and 15 minutes later someone in Downtown LA was renting the camera that I needed. She dropped it off for me, I continued on my shoot. Thanks Google Application!

Look, I know it’s not the greatest thing since sliced bread. I know the iPhone has millions more apps, but for now let me have this moment of joy with my new application for my curve.

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4 thoughts on “New, Free, Cool (Google App for Blackberry)

  1. Nikki says:

    Oooooh you’re not the only one in love with this new App. It’s the best thing ever at least for blackberry, my friends are sick of me demonstrating it. Sometimes the simple things bring us so much joy 🙂 ….Well take care!

  2. johnny says:

    Hello. Thank you for this great info! Keep up the good job!

  3. machoman says:

    thank you! I really liked this post!

  4. teinby says:

    thank you! I really liked this post!

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