Walid Version 2.0

I can jump house with my niece and not die anymore!

I can jump house with my niece and not die anymore!

A month ago I decided that my doughy body needs to tone up. Really it was because I would slouch forward to hide my gut, as the shirt moved forward with the shoulders it would cover my pot belly. That created a back problem that cost me over $1000, $35 at a time with the chiropractor and countless massage sessions. Bad idea on the slouching.

Then I joined this bootcamp in North Orange County. If you are in the area, I would suggest it. It’s not all girls like the pink military ladies down the street (no offense ladies but you freaked me out and I am not a woman, so I couldn’t join anyways). Curtis works you hard. You learn about nutrition and it’s actually fun (though I am afraid he might read this and be encourage to punish us more). It’s actually a great deal, it’s worth it on so many levels. For me, I haven’t dropped the scale weight yet but I am positive the fat is less and the muscle has increased. I have more energy and at parties I don’t have to hold my stomach in, that’s a big deal to me cause after a while you get tired!

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