Downtown LA: Urth Cafe

I never thought I’d use my blog as a restaurant review but for now that is what it will be. My friend Tanika and I spent the day casting for the new photo shoot, then worked on other aspects of the production and like everything we do: it ends up in either eating or napping. This time I suggest we leave Hollywood and avoid the Silverlake joints. Silverlake is a great place if you drive a Prius or take extra time to make sure your clothes don’t match and that you don’t care what you look like, but in reality spend double the time as anyone. It’s true, just that no one admits it but it’s true. Also Tanika knows well that I have no concept of whispering, and after our last dinner episode… she would rather try an out of the way joint that is quieter. That lead us to Downtown LA and the new Urth Cafe.

In the past, I’ve avoided Urth Cafe like the plague. Everything that is wrong with LA, is earth Cafe. Pretentious, over-priced, snobby, and crowded. The employees treat you like dirt, they act as if you are lucky to be there, and that rubs me very wrong! Maybe I got tired of everyone pretending to have an important meeting or reading a script while checking out the pedestrian traffic of Melrose Ave. I sound really angry tonight, I’m not, just calling it as I see it. Anyhow back to the OTHER Urth Cafe. So we sat down and viewed the menu. Within 3 minutes a polite gentleman asked if we had any questions. We didn’t and proceeded to order at the register. Who took our order? The nicest cashier around, the most patient cashier, who was working 2 registers at once. If you’ve ordered with me, you know what a monster I can be. I am indecisive, I doubt every food choice and I ask a million questions. Even I hate me during the ordering process (but I make up for me, by tipping big). So I give this guy huge props for being so patient as I tried to figure out if I wanted soup with my dinner and then after I finally decided that, I had to go through the dessert options.

As we sat down, we were asked 3 times by 2 great staff members if everything was good and if the food was made to our liking. They went around all the tables asking that. When did you ever see the little shits in Hollywood do that? We were fine of course, our drinks were always refilled and the food was great. Right towards the end of our meal, another staff member came around and gave us free dessert samples to go with the tea! WHAT?!!?!?!? This happens at Urth Cafe? It’s not really the dessert that shocked me. It was that they cared about the customers and showed their gratitude towards us.

I hope Urth Cafe DT LA keep the great attitude. I love places like that and will always come back. As for Urth Cafe (Melrose Ave), see you never.

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