GIVING BACK! [something free every other month]

I was walking up the stairs tonight and was thinking of how lucky I am. I was thinking how fortunate I was to have great clients, loyal clients, and have so much talent around me. I thought about this because the people next to me are artists also, and tonight I heard the guy playing his flamenco guitar. I muted my TV and went about my work, but loved hearing the sound of the guitar comein through my windows. And I thought about where he must play, if anyone has heard his talent, or what his story was. I’m not about to walk over and knock on the door, if that’s what you’re thinking, but it did make me realize how many people out there have talent that is unseen. How many of you do not have someone to help you, someone to give advice, or lend a hand in the long process of success.

Then I realize that I can do something. I think every other month, I will find someone that needs help and give them free pictures. It helps if you are a model, since those people need pictures the most. But let this be open to actors, musicians, magicians, athletes, clothing designers, etc…

In this situation, I believe in talent but sometimes persistence and hard work pay off more than talent. I want to see how persistent you are? What struggles have you had? Tell me your story and why this would help you. Let me say now, that if you always wanted to be a model but don’t feel like paying a grand for pictures is worth it… you don’t have a chance. I want to give someone something that really deserves it, someone that has already been out there knocking on doors, someone that understands what hard work is.

Tell me your story… I’ve been so lucky with what I have. I want to start giving back to the arts community. If you know of people, send them this post. Repost this on your blogs, forums, and twitter.

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2 thoughts on “GIVING BACK! [something free every other month]

  1. Tom says:

    what about having one of your readers who is a photographer lend you a hand on one of your photos hoots as an assistant so that they could learn first hand from you?

    would that work?

    If it does….. let me do one PLEASE!!! I would love to learn from you with hands on!!!

  2. N76 says:

    Thanks Tom. That’s a great idea! Lets see what comes up…

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