Review: Canon PowerShot SD780 IS

I bought a cheaper Fuji camera and returned it the next day. I will let Fuji out of the spot light because they never claimed to be THE BEST. They made your typical small camera for the Sea World Dad types. For me, I love to use manual mode on my professional camera (as most photographers do) but I want my point-n-shoot to be quick. I want it to focus very fast, do its thing and get me a good picture. The Fuji did not perform but for $139, I got what I paid for.

Canon Powershot

Me and my new Powershot

Then I walked into a BestBuy store. I knew Canon was the best, but I wanted something small, something stylish and something at a good price. Guess what I ran into? MY NEW CAMERA! I saw it, picked it up and fell in love with it. It’s black, it’s ALL BLACK! It shoots HD, takes an SD card, and has fast focus. The menu is very easy to use, and it’s small.

I looked at the other options for HD VIDEO and Pictures in a small size. The Canon clearly was the front runner for that store. It shoots at 12 Mega-Pixel rate which is far too much for anyone, but nice to have should I want to blow a picture up wall-sized. At this point, I feel cameras keep upping the Mega-Pixels just like cars claim to hit 0-60 in a few seconds. Big deal, you’re not doing 60 MPH in 4 seconds on most of our freeways. The same goes for camera Mega-Pixels. How big are you really going to enlarge an image to?

Asthetically, it’s beautiful. To me it was the nicest ones in the store. It’s small, it’s dark, and it’s masculine. My last camera was teal blue (Iknow, I know…. impulse purchase).

The pictures come out beautiful, the lens is quality, and the colors accurate. The HD video? Impressive. I have not yet played it on a large TV but on the computer it does well and the mic quality is also great! I plan on using this camera to shoot more BTS of upcoming shoots.

FINAL WORD: If you can afford something about $230, buy it! You will love this camera.

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