Manzur Kargar : Artist

I need to focus more on art and I will. I mean everything is art, music, books, photography, etc… but I mean art as in brush to paint, brush to canvas. I am always looking online for new inspiration and one I ran across was Manzur Kargar based out of Germany. I’ve been looking more there because I am going to visit family and want to see a lot of the city.

What he does is hard to describe. It’s part colorful explosion, part soulful, part collage, part pop-culture, and I guess the ingredients can go on for a while. There is a link to his website, go support him. He’s had many shows from Europe to America and sold many great pieces.

His new series is called SPLENDID and it’s part digital, part painting. Here is a sample of his work, one of my favorites. Like a lot of my photography I focus on the face and sometimes extreme close up images are my top picks. His paintings remind me of that style I have for myself. Then again, I just like it because his paintings make sense in my mind.

Once I let go of understanding the meaning of a painting, I started to enjoy them for what they are. The gallery snobs would call me a commoner and look down on me because I look at it in such a simple way, but sometimes that is the best way to appreciate life’s beauty. Hope you have a chance to appreciate Manzur’s work and support great artists from around the globe.

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