Go Big.

I am often inspired by the BIG artists. They are big in style, big in personality, big in success, big goals, big splash, loud noise, bright lights, well… you get it. I like it loud, I like it big, I like it vibrant. That is why I often write about Michael, Madonna, Usher, and those that trail their dust. Recently I ran into a video online (OK don’t ask me why but I am obsessed with concert videos, especially behind the scenes concert videos). In that search for something new I ran into a badly shot video (probably a dancer’s personal cam) of Madonna’s last tour, the record breaking “Sticky and Sweet World Tour”. In it she gave the crew a small speech, and you cannot help but feel inspired by them. I edited out words that will not pertain to you, unless you are one of HER dancers but the overall message rings true to all of us.

“…everybody knows that all ideas come in tiny little seeds. And who knows when they happen. A year ago, ten years ago…the day we were born? We get ideas and we have dreams; and we put them to life and then we send them to people. We are one living body and soul, and we can’t live without each other. Thank you for working so hard and giving so much.

…good energy, good chemistry. The world is a crazy place out there. There are a lot of people suffering and people who cannot realize their dreams. And just think for a second how lucky we are that we can do what we love to do, and we get paid for it; and people clap and cheer and get joy from it and they leave this place feeling lifted by it.

We are not owners of our talent, we’re just the managers. Lets go out there, lets channel light and energy and love and know how much you are loved and appreciated…”

If everyone took a moment to read that statement and took every bit of their energy to believe it, then the impossible will be no more. Remember that thoughts become words, words into sentences, and sentences lead to actions.

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2 thoughts on “Go Big.

  1. Cherian says:

    so well said..”thoughts become words, words into sentences, and sentences lead to actions”…..

    i truly believe in this!

  2. N76 says:

    Thank you. It’s a lesson I am still trying to learn 100%

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