Accountability. Know it. Be it. Live it.

All week I’ve had phone calls from close people in my life, as they complain about their life. I could not take it anymore, so I feel it’s an important topic to address because the same actions relate very much to this business.

The first phone call came from a friend. He complained about his job, about company practices, about the pay, about the employees (that he hires by the way), about the schedule (that he makes), about the traffic getting to the store (that he OK’d when they picked him for that store). And for months, actually years I’ve supported him and other friends. So now it has reached the pinnacle of the complaints. I finally said, “You know what __________, you will probably never ever find a better job. In fact, I am going to say you are stuck in this dead end job and it’s your future because for years you complain but never send out one resume, make one appt to fill out a college app, or see a head hunter.” I told him that he his acting like a person that is stuck in a dead-end position that is exactly where he is now. I told him to get used to it, because all he does is whine about his job but takes no further action and whining accomplishes zilch.

He understood where I was coming from, but had nothing to say because this is truth. I told him I was slightly chubby because I ate like a chubby person and worked out like a chubby person. It’s not the fault of my genes, my parents or McDonald’s. It’s MY fault because I don’t take care of myself like I should.

Then today I got another phone call from someone else. She was complaining about her husband. He is not motivated enough. He is not a doer. He is not one who reads. Yet they are buying a GIANT HD TV this week. Wait a minute? You are broke and you are buying a widescreen TV? Are you that dense? Are you that remedial? 1+1=2 … financial trouble + Expensive TV = Moronic. Figure it out people! You are broke because you walk around, breathe, and eat like broke people! You have no business buying a new TV, and NO YOU DO NOT DESERVE IT! If you can buy it cash, then you DESERVE IT. I don’t care if it’s no payments for 18 months, why would you spend all that money on something that is designed to make you dumber? Please enlighten me. Anyone?

I told this person, that it’s her fault. SHE OK’d the transaction with her husband. She sat back and watched him buy it and the SHE RAN ACROSS TOWN AND BOUGHT THE LARGE TV STAND FOR IT. So PLEASE do not complain about your husband and point fingers at him. Take accountability of your actions.

I told her that you guys are trying to start a business. How about you take the money for the TV payments and put that into your business? That’s a logical thought, right? Maybe even $50 a month could help your new business with cards, a phone line, internet, flyers, etc… see my point? Your business will probably not succeed because you are already behaving like someone who is fiscally irresponsible and does not care to succeed. Harsh? Yes. True? Yes? Do I care? No, because what good is someone who will not tell you the truth. That is not a good friend.

I know there are other factors to people’s demise, their bad chapters, but this is a general statement. If you are unahappy, change it. If you are fat, run. If you are skinny, eat. If you can’t breathe, stop smoking. If you are broke, work harder or shop smarter. If your children are rude, it’s YOUR fault. If you are a renter, you probably don’t act like a home owner. If you don’t have a retirement fund, you probably acted irresponsibly and now have to live with your actions. Just in that last paragraph, I am guilty of two actions. I know it. I am changing it now. But I don’t blame others and the only change I am going to see, is the change I am willing to be.

Another friend called and said her husband is not motivate to work harder and make more money. I said, “hey _____, on facebook you always put your status as shopping til you drop or your husband is going to kill you for  buying so much”. Guess what genius!? Your husband has ZERO motivation to work harder, because my friend, his greedy shopaholic wife, spends all of it!

Taking accountability is not such a bad thing. When I look at the place I live in, I on one hand am so thankful because I have earned every dollar to make it possible. I have bought every single item, so I take accountability for that. But sometimes I wonder if I can go bigger? Can I buy bigger? That’s where accountability comes in also. The answer is no, not yet. That is because I need to work harder and I don’t, so I cannot have it.

For those that visit my blog regularly, thank you, and you will notice the anger in this story but it’s true. The sooner you realize that YOU are the reason for your success or failure, the better off you will be. The sooner you realize the world is not against you, the quicker you can realize that you can make a change. The faster your take responsibility for your good and bad, the more stable you will be. But please, what ever you do… if you decide you want to be chubby, poor, rich or you want to be mean or nice, or a renter or buyer, or an employee or a business owner… just do it. Don’t complain about it. Don’t point fingers. Take the driver’s seat and do it and the world will be on your side.

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