Homaira Photo Shoot


Photographing Aria's first set


Just finished a large photo shoot with upcoming designer, very talented designer, Homaira. Her new store opens in Los Angeles later this month and we are finishing up all the preparations with the media campaign. I am really excited for you to see what we have photographed so far. The look was simple, clean, fresh, tomorrow. My models were courtesy of Brand Models in Orange County. I still dip in my OC pool when I can, it’s my home. I cannot help it. I will always shoot and support OC artists and locations.

In the mean time here are some behind the scenes images of my last photo shoot. Me + Hot Models + Hotter Clothes + Amazing House – Restrictions + tons of good music = Homaira Shoot.  You will see some of the house we shot in, it is stunning.

We still have so much work to do on this campaign but I will soon post the images we have, plus any where they are seen. The entire project I worked so closely with the designer with daily, almost hourly phone calls and emails. She’s someone you will hear of and about very soon and for a long time. Her clothes are timeless, sexy, but classic. Her presence made the entire shoot run smoothly and her desire to be involved in every aspect of the production was a plus! I admire that. I love team work!


More Make up and hair



told the model to lay on the floor, on the way to the location. Sometimes you get inspired along the way and just have to change it up.


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