Mountain Bike Magazine Shoot

Mountain Bike Magazine, 2010 Photography: Walid Azami

About a week ago I received the July 2010 issue of Mountain Bike Magazine (Thanks Rodale for being on top of that btw) of my friend Darcy’s photo shoot we did earlier in the year. We wanted to do an unconventional shoot for Darcy, who is usually depicted on her bike in a provocative pose. So we erased the obvious (her mountain bike) and added something that I felt would compliment her personality, a child’s tricycle.

The funny part is I sent Darcy herself on this mission to find the perfect bike. I think she’d keep texting me pictures of random bikes, and I would reject it. Seeing how Darcy is from Canada this search was that much harder. She finally pulled over the Stanton Indoor Swap-meet (you have to be there to appreciate its ghetto-charm) and found this little beat up gem.

We dragged it up the Carbon Canyon (and by WE, I mean SHE did all the hard work) and took a bunch of great pictures of it. A couple months later Mountain Bike Magazine called me and wanted to use the pictures from our shoot in their July issue. And there you, that’s the story of Darcy’s little shoot. To see the full pictures and more from this session you can view my website.

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