Ruthless, LA INK. Photography by Walid Azami

LA Ink is about to premier and they added some new talent. Recently I photographed the promotional images for the very hot, Ruthie “Ruthless” who will be on the show. This is the first of the many looks we prepared for her upcoming publications. It should always be noted but for this shoot in particular, I could not capture these images without my hardworking team. They are noted below.

This image in particular was shot as a last minute addition to the set, on the roof top of an LA building on Wilshire. The set was called “Silver Madonna” (80’s Madonna), and you can see the inspiration in the images. Nilo did a great job on the hair and make up, Ruthie had finally calmed down around me (I can be intense!), and Matt did a great job mixing our wardrobe to match the theme.

Stay tuned for more of our shoot with Ruthless, as they appear in magazines and ads worldwide.

Glam: Nilo Rostai
Creative Direction: Matthew Harshbarger
Photography: Walid Azami
Wardrobe provided by: Homaira Store (Beverly Hills, CA.)

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8 thoughts on “LA INK ARTIST: RUTHLESS

  1. La Ink says:

    […] on our favorite celebrities and reality shows like LA. Here's our version of one of those tattoo reLa Ink – Think Before You Ink” Tattoo Removal Program Helping Teens Grand Junction, Colo. Elaborate […]

  2. Teresa says:

    I love her haircut!!!!

  3. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Nilo Rostai, Walid Azami. Walid Azami said: LA INK ARTIST: RUTHLESS: […]

  4. N76 says:

    She looks beautiful right? Nilo Rostai did her hair that day (make up also)

  5. danii says:

    cant stand her… too much of a fake and i dont use the word lightly like seriously “you have to be tough chick to be in the tattoo industry” as she says it in a lil girl voice…

  6. N76 says:

    Dani what’s sad is that you took time to bash a person I’m willing to bet you never met. Why did you waste energy for that?
    Truth is I had to deal with Ruthie for an extended period. She is a kind human being, full of life, and very loving. I consider her a friend.
    I also learned over the years that editors and producers on shows can make you any which way they want.
    What you see of her, Kat Von D, or anyone else is not 100% of who they are. But that’s common sense and I know that you are aware.
    So I kindly thank you for visiting my blog and taking time to write something but it’s pretty much a downer when you took extra efforts
    to put something negative out into the universe. Ruthie does not know you and she probably never will, so all you did was hurt yourself
    but pulling those sorts of negative sentiments. I think if you keep watching the show, you might get a glimpse of why we all love her so much.

  7. Leann says:

    THis lady is a bitch and sucks balls.. She starts fights for no reason and doesn’t deserve to be on Tv. And if anyone likes how she treats people, you are just as shitty as her.

  8. :0] says:

    I can’t stand her either she acts like a jealous loser.Get over yourself and everyone who thinks she’s cool.
    The only people that like her are men {what a shocker} they’re shallow like her.

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