Raymond V Raymond (Deluxe) Album Cover

RAYMOND V RAYMOND Deluxe Edition, Photographed by Walid Azami

August 24th is around the corner and do you know what is in store? Mr. Usher Raymond IV is, that’s what is in store for you. On the heals of his mighty successful Raymond V Raymond album, Usher gives us 8 new songs of what could have been on the first version of Raymond V Raymond.

Already purchased the original Raymond V Raymond? Fret not! The deluxe repackage of the album comes in two forms. There is VERSUS which includes 8 new songs, as well as THERE GOES MY BABY. Wish you had purchased Raymond V Raymond? Then there is the repackage issue, which has all the old songs AND the 8 new songs.

VERSUS Album Cover, photographed by Walid Azami

Usher starts the repackage blitz with DJ GOT US FALLIN’ IN LOVE ft. Pitbull which is already racing up the charts. Last week we filmed the video in Los Angeles, Pitbull came for a little visit and you can expect Usher to keep the energy level up for his latest smash.

I photographed the cover of both RAYMOND V RAYMOND and VERSUS. The images are  from a shoot outside of Los Angeles, CA and a variety of new images in the artwork booklet. Usher’s newest offerings are in store August 24th, 2010.

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    people are stupid

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