LA INK: Ruthless some more!

Ruthless, LA INK. Photographed by Walid Azami.

She’s back. I posted this image of Ruth Pineda “Ruthless” that I shot earlier this year. Apparently you guys love LA INK and RUTHLESS! After her show aired, not even being the main focus of the first episode, she managed to raise our traffic by over 600%. It is called Star-power. You searched for her any which way you could and got your first look at some exclusive images of her.

Well here is another.  Enjoy.

Glam: Nilo Rostai
Creative Direction: Matthew Harshbarger
Photography: Walid Azami

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12 thoughts on “LA INK: Ruthless some more!

  1. pharmer says:

    ruthless is very very hot

  2. N76 says:

    She is! We have MUCH sexier images of her, just want the magazines to reveal them first.

  3. Jim says:

    FYI, I only came here to talk about what a pissant Ruthless is. I assumed she would have some talent if she was on the show, but then I saw that eagle she inked. My son inked a colorful eagle on my left arm that is infinitely better when he was only 9 years old. I was very surprised and even more so when she raved about it as if it were a masterpiece. Amy is orders of magnitude more talented Roadrash.

  4. N76 says:

    I have to respect that you have an opinion, that’s all. You can feel how you want about any human being you have or have not met. But you said something very important, “My son inked a colorful eagle on my left arm …”. While I am sure your son is very talented, I find it so disheartening and tasteless that a parent would knock someone else down. As a fan of the show you have every right to your opinion. As your son’s mom/dad, you ought to be proud of your child. As a human being/adult/parent you really need to look in the mirror and take a moment to find out what is making you so angry to attack someone else. Kind of sad, don’t you think? I’m going to guess at this point, you should consider taking parenting classes instead of watching reality TV. Have a great holiday weekend and please be kinder to your fellow man.

  5. butterfly says:

    N76, that’s funny that you’re sticking up for someone who is, by her own admission: ruthless. The way she teats Amy inexcusable! Ruthless is nothing more than a bully, she needs to chill out and start respecting her coworkers. She has to grow up and realize that when one is at work, a certain professionalism should always be maintained. She’s a mean spirited human being and I wish that they would just replace her already.

  6. Xyconaut says:

    cannot stand the way this person chooses to portray herself to the world,since the blog owner is the fan club president as well apparently,im sure this will be met with a “producers shape image etc etc…” the fact she sits in front of the cam and acts the way she does for even a minute towards her coworkers speaks volumes on the level of maturity she is at. instead of letting her work do the talking she uses this atrocious attitude as a front – not worth going into deeper,waste of a spot that couldve gone to spotlight a talent on the level of chris garver instead being handed to some reality tv persona equivalent to a spastic hot topic teen.

  7. Anonymous says:

    everyone has haters but i love ruthie!

  8. Anonymous says:

    everyone’s gonna have haters. i happen to love ruthless!

  9. monnetteL says:

    everyone is going to have haters. i happen to love ruthie! she is the way she is

  10. 74 says:

    RUTHLESSSSSS! Awesome! I’m a fan of the show and have been watching it closely. I think Ruthless is cute, beautiful, sexy and her attitude makes me crave more. I think she would do fine with her own show.

  11. Tina says:

    Oh my god I cannot stand “Ruthie” ewww She’s nothing but a trouble making vindictive little tattle tail . I wish Amy would stomp her ass. Hopefully she gets canned. I don’t understand why anyone would even think she is remotely a decent person! She’s jealous and hateful and she’s not that talented! I can’t wait to see if she gets canned for good!

  12. Julie says:

    I can not stand Ruthless either she annoys me. I have been fastforwarding past the parts she’s on. I feel sorry for Amy that she’s getting the brunt of Ruthies actions.

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