My Photography on iTunes Chart

I write this with total gratitude and excitement, because I know it’s not always the case. I am also learning to celebrate accomplishments, even if small and use that moment of happiness to keep on with the climb. It is something I’ve struggled with. I never stopped, never acknowledged my accomplishments. I did not want arrogance and vanity, but I learned that ignoring the success is really the vain act. A-hole directors and photographers choose to be that way and I found it possible to be proud of your work, know your worth, and be respectful to people around you.

So this week Usher’s album came out. He came out with 2 of them, VERSUS and RAYMOND V RAYMOND DELUXE. And while I’ve seen my work up on websites and pages of magazines, I hadn’t seen it in so many places at once. I went on iTunes to see how the album was performing, and it is doing great on both pop and R&B charts.

What’s in green, I photographed for Usher and Ciara. What’s in yellow are other Usher projects off this new album.

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