Frenchie Davis

Frenchie Davis, by Walid Azami

A few years ago you probably remember Miss Frenchie’s American Idol career derailed due to an internet controversy. In what some call the biggest mistake in Idol history, Frenchie Davis was sent off the show but that was not the end of Frenchie. She went on to star in numerous Broadway shows, became Grammy nominated last year and surprised even the biggest of critics by her appearance on the Billboard Dance Chart. She guest sang on the song YOU ARE by Tony Moran. She sang the entire thing but sadly only got guest credit.

Frenchie is back in the studio. She’s ready to make a sound for herself, ready to show the world her talent again. She asked me to do a series of sexy promotional images. Here is the first of them!

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One thought on “Frenchie Davis

  1. Headshots_LA says:

    For the record, this is the one and only project Tony and Frenchie have done together.I really like the song . The first time I listened to it here in my home, which has surround on the computer, it kinda grabbed me as it has some really nice spatial effects, both with the music and the vocals. It made my ears kinda tickle. Amazingly talented lady with a “god given” voice from above. Keep being you…u are wonderful.

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