David Archuleta

One of the better voices out there, one of the lesser voices heard. Here is an oldie but a good of Mr. Archuleta from a shoot I had late last year.

Be proud of yourself Archuleta fans. You know how to make a website stat spike.

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9 thoughts on “David Archuleta

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  3. TrudyFOD says:

    Love these pictures that cropped up! David Archuleta is amazing! I love his latest album “The Other Side of Down” — what an amazing voice! and such a talented singer/songwriter. I hope he gets to out on tour soon…David’s concerts are so much fun! Thx again for these beautiful pictures! David is just beautiful…love those eyes!

  4. mare says:

    gor. geous!!

  5. Huong says:

    Yes, we’re proud of being Arch Angels. Thank you so much for beautiful pics of David.
    We’d like you to show more ^_^

  6. crm says:

    Love these gorgeous pictures of David Archuleta!!

  7. SKM says:

    What a handsome young man David is. You have captured his beautiful heart and soul as well…. displayed in his ever present smile.

    It does not end there, however, his spectacular voice is just icing on the top!! Absolutely love these pictures!

  8. N76 says:

    Thank you everyone for awesome compliments.

  9. pickles says:

    ahh David looks so handsome. Thanks for sharing this.

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