Bera “Don’t Worry/Can’t Get Enough” Video


The video for “Don’t Worry” is special because it was designed to do a few things. The first was to obviously showcase “Don’t Worry” written by Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins, but also to showcase Bera’s own unique European style in urban/top 40 music, and let the world see him perform on stage.

Bera is a straight forward artist, very passionate about his art, and likes to keep life simple. I’m a straight forward artist, very passionate about my art and love simplicity in life and in my work. Combine that and you get this piece.

I paid special attention not to reveal the time era. I always believe simple is the best way, it’s the classiest and most timeless route also. That’s what I wanted for Bera, something timeless that will not look outdated 10 years from now.

I also wanted him to have a story, which is by large lacking in the music video world. In an industry where nearly nude girls shake for the camera, I wanted something different for him and my own work. I wanted sexy, not cheap. That’s easy, that’s on every other video. Where we could have gone for provocative, I opted for an actual story line.

Another reason why I pushed for a story line with minimal sexuality is because Bera is still a minor. No need to explain further.

The theme is an old French movie, along with subtitles, intro credits and rolling credits at the end of the movie. In fact it is 2 music videos in 1 (Can’t Get Enough). I used a previous single by Bera, “Favorite Things” to layer the dialogue. If you just heard of Bera, you would never know this. If you have followed his short, but dynamic career this is a cool addition to the video.

I hope you enjoy watching it, I am a sucker for artists getting together and everyone bringing their best. I am proud of this video, Bera, and my crew for an amazing job because that’s what everyone did…they brought their best.

Thank you,


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