Thank you, Justin Bieber

A little girl half way across the nation just entered her 5th round of chemo today (bone cancer). She like all 10 year old girls in America are infatuated with Justin Bieber. My friend Robyn reached out to me, asked if there was any way I could get an autograph from Justin for the little girl. I did not think I could, but I gave her a very rare photo of Justin I had taken a long time ago at an event. She was ecstatic. And then things changed.

My amazing rep heard the story and she pulled strings, pushed people around, made calls and wrote emails on Lily’s behalf (the power of a mother when a child is in pain). What did I wake up with in my inbox?

I had a video from Justin Bieber in London, wishing Lily a speedy recovery. Last night at 2AM she entered her 5th chemo round and needless to say, Lily was not feeling well. Lily’s grandfather wrote:

 As far as I am concerned, and I am never ‘speechless,’ ….. but, this time I am. Unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable…

by tomorrow Lily will have shown everyone on the pediatric oncology wing, including doctors and nurses, her special video from her hero, Justin.

Lots of people to thank on this chain of good, but big thanks to Leah Harmony, Alfredo Flores and of course, Justin Bieber. You all made a little girl’s terrible day, one of her best.

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