How we did it: Eva Marcille and Terrell Mullin Promo

As you can see from the video we had a soft box set up and ring light, but lets talk about the lighting set up and why I did it that way.

First thing: lets ignore the brand name of any lighting company. Many photographers feel they MUST use a certain brand, but really it’s all in the skill. I can have the fastest car, but Mario would still beat me in a used Chevy Citation. Skill matters. Please ignore those that say you must use any particular company’s equipment. Develop your skill and then use the better brands to refine your art.

Using a ring-lite gives you that crisp and vibrant image. Colors pop and shadows all but disappear. It’s used often in high fashion shoots, and the circular flash that wraps around the lens evenly illuminates the entire photograph. I love the effect of the ring flash but did not want that as the only personality of the image.

Terrell/Eva and I wanted some depth, and I decided to add soft shadows. That is why you see the soft box next to me. I would say about 70% of power came from the ring flash but I wanted a little extra mood and depth in this photograph. The soft box on one side as it is placed gave us shading on one side of their bodies. Look at the photograph again, you’ll see a soft shadow on one side of Eva’s face and body. And that’s why we used the soft box with the ring lite.

Another reason is that they were playing with paint. Bright colors, bright faces, bright wall, etc… it can be a bit much. The shading, even if a tiny bit, darkened the photograph. Less is more for this session.

Hope the explanation helps a little bit. I won’t go into exact settings of camera/light/spacing because that’s what will make your art different than mine. See, there’s beauty is capturing something slightly different.

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