Tamar Braxton talks about the LOVE AND WAR video

Tamar Braxton shot the music video for hot single, “Love and War,” in Los Angeles earlier this week. This single made many naysayers of Tamar into believers, she is set to release her new album next month. TheYBF was there to catch all of the behind the scenes of the video shoot and it was revealed that this visual will show a softer and sensual side of Tamar. Stay tuned for the video coming soon! Tamar Braxton is still on a high with her new single “Love and War” from her upcoming album that is scheduled for February 2013. With heavy promotion Tamar used the photography and director skills of  Walid Azami to deliver excitement to her fans…

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Eva Marcille “Girlfriend Confidential LA”

Directed by Walid Azami, a fashion film starring Eva!

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IM5’s ZERO GRAVITY Premiers on The Insider TV

Here is the video for IM5’s Zero Gravity. We filmed it about 2 months ago and I wanted an extremely 180 from their last video which was sunny, warm, and playful. I wanted to show the boys could not only sing, but dance their asses off.

I’m trying to add “did you know” facts about each video I do. Here we go for ZG…

1. I had to fight for the video to have a cool color tone, I wanted it less friendly. Soon after everyone was on the same page, and you have this version. I also wanted to keep the video darker in color.

2. That plexi glass shot was one of the hardest we had to do, the last shot of the day, and the most dangerous because of the way we set it up. It was also the priciest set-up. The hardest set up was to be used the least amount of times, but I wanted everyone to see another angle of the boys yet unseen and thank God for an understanding management and producer who let me have it.

3. Gabe bled during the first dance routine. One day he can shed light on that, but to this day I’m uncertain as to how one cuts themselves in the middle of a dance. At the same time he’s a champ and did the whole day while having the flu.

4. On this shoot we hit the camera, dislodged parts of it, shook it, kicked the tripod, leaned it over, and shook the dolly to get some of the looks I wanted to for the video.

5. Dana is Mr. Prankster. I had general “Don’t do __________ today” rules for everyone on set and the boys. Dana’s list was a bit longer and more personalized. He’s a prankster, jokester type…I was afraid of what could happen. I limited him cause I have the same personality and know what he could possibly do.

6. Immediately after each performance the band would run to the side to stand in front of a giant fan and guzzle a bunch of water. Somehow we only work on unseasonably warm days, and A/C was rough in this studio; and I made sure everyone wore a jacket as part of their wardrobes. I’m surprise no one had a heat stroke.

7. We had an angel on set (Elana) who baked cookies and brought them over. They are THE BEST!!!

That’s all. I really fans from the band enjoyed the video, I wanted to give you something different, mature, darker, and more artistic.



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Eva Marcille/Terrell Mullin Promo Shoot

So this is what happens when I let Eva and Terrell (amazing hair & make-up artist) come over and shoot their new promo.

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IM5’s Making of “Everything About U” Directed by Walid Azami

Here’s the video for EVERYTHING ABOUT U coming out next week. I am proud to work with them and help build an image for them. I photographed the band a year ago, had a great time and look forward to more projects. This video filmed in Northridge, CA. and was nothing but sunburns and fun. Yep…

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